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Parts for Ireland

Importing parts in Ireland


The shipping charges on our site do not include any duty or tax that is due for importing goods. These values are based on the cost of your parts and the shipping cost to get them to you.

Duty Rates

The duty rates in Ireland on goods being imported range from 0 to 17%.


The standard rate for VAT on goods imported to Ireland is 23% and is calculated on the value of the goods, plus the cost of shipping, plus any duty that may be due.

Minimum Thresholds

When importing into Ireland, duty is not charged if either the total value of your parts order, not including our shipping charge,  does not exceed €150 or if the amount of duty payable, does not exceed €10. VAT is not collected if the amount of VAT payable is less than €6. Neither duty nor VAT is payable if the total value of your order, not including our shipping charge does not exceed €22.