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Import duties & taxes in Australia

Welcome Australia!


Import duties and taxes are due when importing goods into Australia and are calculated on the value of the your parts only.  In addition to duty, imports are subject to other taxes and charges such as sales tax (GST) and Customs Service Fee.    

 Duty Rates

Duty rates in Australia vary from 0% to 10%, with an average duty rate of 4.6%. Duty is determined on the customs value of your parts order.  The customs value of your parts order is usually the amount you paid for your goods, converted to Australian currency.  The exchange rate that is used is the rate applied on the day the goods were posted or exported.

 Sales Tax

GST applies to most imported goods and is applied at 10% of the value of the taxable importation (VoTI), which is the sum of the customs value (CV), any duty payable, the cost of freight, and insurance.

 Other taxes and customs fees

 Customs Service Fee is a flat rate of AU$ 55.20 applicable to all shipments where the imported goods’ value is higher than AU$ 1000.

Parts for Austraila

1. Will your parts fit my Australian model?

Yes - the majority of the time they will, but, there are a few exceptions. Some Honda Fireblade turnsignals are different on the AU and US models, as well as the Honda meters for most of their ATV's do not come with metric readings on the U.S. versions. We will let you know of all variances once we become aware of them here and don't worry, we are not about to "stick" you with a part you can't use if it ends up being incompatible. We will arrange for return shipment or reimburse you for shipping it back to us in most cases. Sometimes, it will honestly be cheaper for us to "give" you the part, refund your money, and not worry about returning the items, but, we will let you know and work with you once you have contacted us with your problem.

2. Did they make the same color in the US as my AU model?

Yes - again, the majority of the time we will have had the same factory color though it may have been in a different year. That is why factory color codes are so important to have and know when ordering any painted pieces. We can help you find them or give you examples of what they may be based on the model you have BEFORE you place your order - just contact us and we will start the investigating process.

3. Do your prices include G.S.T.?

No - we are sorry,  but, that is a an additional expense you will have to figure into the total cost of your order on your own. We do know that there are certain levels that affect the percentage and will work with you to help avoid any needless expenses, but, our prices and shipping charges are for the parts themselves and cartage to your delivery address only.

4. How do I track my package once you have shipped it?

The majority of parcels we send to Australia are via USPS Priority Interntaional Mail and you will be provided with a tracking-in-transit number when it has shipped. This number can be used on the providers web site to track the package (WWW.USPS.COM). Once an item has entered Australian customs, Australia Post is the carrier of international mail. If you want to track your parcel or make an enquiry about delivery of your parcel please contact Australia Post on 13 13 18 or check on their web site

If your package was sent via another carrier such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS, you will be provided with their tracking number which you can use on their sites to trace it's progress.